Wonder-player Timo BOLL finishing German "grand slam"
Timo BOLL achieved something that no one ever did in table tennis history. German superstar, worldĺs no. two and Europeĺs no. one won the Menĺs Singles title at the European Championships fourth time in his career. In addition he becomes the first player with Cristian SUSS who won Doubles title four times in the row. ... more
19.9.2010 22:13 | Redakce
Cry of Viktoria at LIEBHERR EC: PAVLOVICH turn finally came
Viktoria PAVLOVICH made her dream comes true and become a Singles champion at the 2010 LIEBHERR European championships in Ostrava. She made her ninth medal at the Old Continent - golden. In the grueling seven games final match Belarus player overcame LIU Jia of Austria champion from 2005 Aarhus and runner up from St Petersburg 2008. HU Melek of Turkey and Ruta PASKAUSKIENE of Lithuania won the bronze medals. ... more
19.9.2010 22:12 | Redakce
Ruta PASKAUSKIENE of Lithuania and Oksana FADEEVA of Russia clinched the title in the Women's Doubles event at 2010 LIEBHERR European Championships in Ostrava. In the final they overcame LI Jie and Elena TIMINA of Netherlands. Krisztina TOTH and Georgina POTA of Hungary as well as Daniela DODEAN and Elizabeta SAMARA of Romania won the bronze. ... more
19.9.2010 22:10 | Redakce
European table tennis icons met in the first quarterfinals of men┤s singles - 2003 World Champion, Werner Schlager and the 1993 vice world champion and European champion from 1994, Jean-Michel Saive. ...more
18.9.2010 22:31 | Redakce | 4477x
Timo Boll and Christian SŘss from Germany won the first title in single competitions against Sternberg and Groth from Denmark with score 4:0. Timo Boll won his already twelve title of European champion and changed history by beating legendary Jan Owe Waldner from Sweden, who has eleven titles. ...more
18.9.2010 19:06 | Redakce | 4729x
Georgina POTA overcame European champion
Hungaryĺs Georgina POTA reached quarter final of the Womenĺs Singles Event at the 2010 LIEBHERR European Championships after grueling seven games encounter against European Champion WU Jiaduo of Germany. ... more
18.9.2010 08:35 | Redakce
Skipped a turn, MAZE awaits all at home in 2012: Herning
For sure, reigning European champions Michael MAZE is going hard days watching LIEBHERR European Championships on TV or PC instead of fighting inside Ostravaĺs CEZ Arena. After having experienced the Continental titleĺs savour twice (last year Menĺs Singles champion in Stuttgart, but Teams event winner four years before in Aarhus), Michael is now supposed to make plans for the future editions, first and foremost that allocated to Denmark just two days ago. ... more
18.9.2010 08:34 | Redakce
Czech Women's Doubles ending in tears at LIEBHERR EC
European champions from Stuttgart last year, Daniela DODEAN and Elizabeta SAMARA, reached the medal podium at the 2010 LIEBHERR European Championships in Ostrava again. Romanian pairings beat Viktoria PAVLOVICH of Belarus and Svetlana GANINA of Russia in the quarterfinal. ... more
18.9.2010 08:34 | Redakce
ETTU nominated Committees, Christian RIGAUD in charge for Youth
ETTU Executive Board nominated in Ostrava new chairmen and members of the ETTU Committees up to 2012. Christian RIGAUD of France is the new Chairperson of the Youth Committee. Previously Dieter STEFFEN of Germany, who worked so many years in ETTU Youth Committee was elected as Honorary member of ETTU during the Congress. All other chairmen were confirmed on their positions, as well as ETTU Medical Official Jean-Franšois KAHN of France and Club Competition Official, Arne MADSEN of Denmark did. ... more
18.9.2010 08:32 | Redakce
Doubles' champions SUSS and BOLL look unstoppable
Germanyĺs Timo BOLL and Christian SUSS looks unstoppable on their way to win the title in the Menĺs Doubles Event at the 2010 LIEBHERR European Championships fourth time in the row. Their performance in the quarterfinal against Christophe LEGOUT and Abdel Kader SALIFOU of France secured them at least bronze, and showed their fantastic form. ... more
18.9.2010 08:31 | Redakce
The most experienced Czech player, Renata ŐtrbÝkovß gained 4 wins during the first day of singles competition and became the first Czech player to secure qualification into the second round of the singles and doubles. No wonder that she was leaving the hall very happy. ...more
16.9.2010 21:09 | Redakce | 3662x
Final matches of the men┤s team competition had unexpectedly very smooth scenario, when which Germans literally smashed the team of Belarus. The audience in the hall did not see expected battle of the two top European players - Boll and Samsonov. The Belarusian leader lost his first match and also because of this the path to gold was so much easier for the Germans. ...more
15.9.2010 23:28 | Redakce | 3365x
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