Germans smashed Belarus 3:0
Final matches of the men┤s team competition had unexpectedly very smooth scenario, when which Germans literally smashed the team of Belarus. The audience in the hall did not see expected battle of the two top European players - Boll and Samsonov. The Belarusian leader lost his first match and also because of this the path to gold was so much easier for the Germans.

The Germans defeated Belarus 3:0 and defended their championship title from Stuttgart. 

 Vladimir Samsonov was so far undefeated at this championship, but he was completely surprised by Christian Suss. Although he was losing 1:2 in sets with the Belarusian leader, he was able to focus on the match and got the most crucial first point for Germany. "I play at these championships very relaxed and so far  was successful. Christian was better this time. Especially in the fifth set he was quite aggressive and won deservedly, "said Vladimir Samsonov about opening singles.

 Germany's Christian Suss was beaming with joy after the match. It was clear to him that he made a decisive step in the fight for the gold. He surprised Samsonov by centered play and minimal errors. "I am very happy with the performance. I played lightly, I did not make light mistakes and I also had enough luck. There are always difficult games against Samsonov, I'm glad I managed it today, "said a satisfied German.

Christian Süss surprisingly defeated Samsonov in the finals.

 There was no surprise in the next course of the final duels. Timo Boll managed to go over a defender Scetinin in four sets and in third duel also German representative, Baum was more successful, who beat Platonov in the five-sets battle. Coach, Jörg Rosskopf looked very happy after winning duel. "This team has had some successes already. It is mentally very strong, well prepared and definitely still has a great future. I think the European Champion title is not its highlight. We enjoyed every game and played really our maximum. In the finals, we wanted to start well but OvŔarov got hurt, so we had to shuffle the team configuration. But in the end it turned out even better than we expected," he said.

 Coach of Belarus Alexander Petkovic assessed the final duel with a silver medal on his neck with satisfied voice. "I am very satisfied with the performance of Samsonov at this tournament. He just did not manage final duel well, we believed that it makes two points. Otherwise, I must say that we are very happy with our qualification into the finals. Not every time the tournament went so well. Many times we did not even qualify among the top eight," he added.

For the fourth time in a row, the European Championships title went to German players.


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