ŐtrbÝkovß is ready for the battle with Hungarians
The most experienced Czech player, Renata ŐtrbÝkovß gained 4 wins during the first day of singles competition and became the first Czech player to secure qualification into the second round of the singles and doubles. No wonder that she was leaving the hall very happy.

In singles you played against two defenders. Which game was more energy consuming?

"Each one was different, but both were equally difficult. Ganin is a classic defender, but plays with the grass and the game is more legible. By contrast, Erdelji, who I beat in the second round, plays a sandwich, which is uncomfortable. But I felt good and I think I've deservedly won. "

At what moment you started to believe that you will reach the winning end?

"I think the ending of fourth set was the most important, when I was losing 10:11 and turned it to 13:11. I already knew that I will not let the game. Erdelji surprised me by how often she was going into attack, but I probably should have counted with that. In the past, she was trying only to defend more and I always beat her. So, now she tried it otherwise. Fortunately it went well for me. "

You have qualified among the 32 best players of the tournament. What are your chances?

„ I have a totally awful lot. Next game I'm playing with Turk Hu Melek. This is one of the most unpleasant players that I could get. She plays an unbelievable pace ping pong, fast and strong. After two defenders, this will be a big change. Hopefully I can prepare well and plan something with the coach. Definitely, I do not feel as a favorite."

You did well in doubles as well and with Iveta Vacenovska you qualified to the fourth round. In your part the Italians Stefanova and Ten Wenling fell out with, who withdrew from the competition. Do you feel a chance to get far?

"Doubles progress really interestingly. We will now play against an English couple and we do not know them at all. In practice this means that we should win. Then it would be only one match to a medal and it will be probably against Hungarians Tóth with Póta. Probably I do not have to emphasize how much we would love to pay back the disqualification from the team competition. That would be a perfect compensation. But still it is far away."

Strbikova will play in singles and doubles tomorrow.

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