Timo Boll changed history in Ostrava
Timo Boll and Christian SŘss from Germany won the first title in single competitions against Sternberg and Groth from Denmark with score 4:0. Timo Boll won his already twelve title of European champion and changed history by beating legendary Jan Owe Waldner from Sweden, who has eleven titles.

But it’s not everything he has planned to get in Ostrava. He is fighting for another, the most important medal. "I am glad that final match did not last too long and I can concentrate on other matches in single competition. Of course I would like to reapeat my success from championships in Belehrad and Petrohrad, where I won three gold medals,“ said Boll after final match in doubles.
When we started talking about his twelve medals, he did not care about numbers. He does not care about how many medals he received, also about statistics and rankings. He just enjoys every triumph. "We are the best team in Europe in last years and it’s really a pitty that other rivals are behind. It would be more interesting if younger generation will more push us forward. Our goal is to win also at World championships, beat Chinese players and that’s why we need better players as rivals in Europe,“ added Boll.
Former cadet and junior European champion won his first senior titul in his twenty-one years in Zagreb in doubles with Fejer-Konnert against Poles Blaszczyk and Krzesewski. Day after the doubles final he won also gold medal  in single competition against Greek Kreangou.
By winning the men’s team final match in Ostrava, Timo Boll became the number one in historic rankings. Jan Owe Waldner from Sweden has „just“ eleven titles. But he is still twenty-nine and will take part at many other championships in future. That means he could get more titles and his lead in historic rankings will raise more.

Titles of European champion: team competitions (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), singles (2002, 2007, 2008), doubles (2002 with Fejer-Konnert, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 with Süss).

Others:Junior European champion in doubles (1997 and 1998), 2 times winner at World cup (2002 and 2005), winner of Grand final of Pro Tour (2005), 5 times winner at the tournament  TOP 12, silver medal from Olympics in Beijing in team‘s competition and 3 times silver medal from World championships (2004, 2005, 2010). He was the world number one in 2003.

Timo Boll and Christian Süss won gold medals in doubles.

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