The final duel between Netherlands and Romanians wasnt easy win for Netherlands, at all. The Netherlands female players lost only one match within their group. Romanians team entered match with great confidence to fight for European title but it wasn't enough. ...more
15.9.2010 19:42 | Redakce | 898x
Triple European Champion Milan Orlowski will play the exhibition with his a long time teammate Jindich Pansk at 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday in CEZ Arena at the European Championships in table tennis. ...more
15.9.2010 10:57 | Redakce | 1843x
Mens finals will shows us dueal between two undefeated players currently in the team competition. Defending champions from Germany beat the team from France in the semifinal match with score 3:1 and will play tomorrow against Belarus. ...more
14.9.2010 23:13 | Redakce | 2343x
After failure against Belarus, thirty years-old Dmitrij Prokopcov, was sad as much as the rest of the team. Then he realized the fact that he made some good points to get a bronze medal and thats the best success in his carreer. It feels good. ...more
14.9.2010 22:41 | Redakce | 1383x
Dream about mens finals did not come true. Czech male players losed a semifinal match against Belarusians with score 1:3 and must be satisfied with bronze medals. They repeated the same success from 2003 when they also losed the match in semifinal. But they really enjoyed fantastic audience in CEZ Arena in Ostrava. ...more
14.9.2010 20:56 | Redakce | 1400x
Last year's team competition final Netherlands vs. Poland will not repeat! Despite the fact that the most of experts expected such composition of the semi-final pairs. Polish team was easily defeated by Romanian women 0-3. Coach Filimons players showed a great performance, which was started by Dodean in the first single against sovereign Li Qian. ...more
14.9.2010 15:42 | Redakce | 1225x
Successful premiere of Katarina Penkavova
During the match against Crotia within a group for 9th -16th place, czech coach Miroslav Cecava made two of his most experienced players rest on the bench. Instead of sent to play Dana Hadacova and two remaining members of the team Martina Smistikova and Katerina Penkavova. Czech representantatives defeated Crotia without any difficulties 3:1 and will face to Ukraine to fight for the final 9th place.
14.9.2010 13:42 | Redakce | 460x
Fights for qualification into the semi-finals have produced a number of surprising results. Strong Germans together with Hungarian and Turk players with two naturalized Chinese women in the group dropped out from the battle for medals in the women's competition. With the exception of sovereign Dutch players, who defend the title from Stuttgart, the audience saw very equaled matches. ...more
13.9.2010 22:26 | Redakce | 1911x
After the initial singles of quarterfinal match with Russia, not even an experienced professional would bet that the Czech team would win. Korbel with Prokopcov lost their first games and the spectators in the hall shrugged sheepishly. But then imonk led to a stunning turnover that meant victory 3-2, qualification to semifinals and a certain medal. ...more
13.9.2010 20:55 | Redakce | 2346x
Sisters Veronika and Viktoria Pavlovic, along with Alexandra Privalovova after sunday night victory over Hungary, defeated in quaterfinals Turkey 3:2 and advanced among four best teams of the championships. Although, Velonika Pavlovic is more thirty places lower ranked than her sister, she is considered the biggest star of her team in Ostrava. ...more
13.9.2010 14:40 | Redakce | 2280x
Despite of losing the game with Poland with score 1:3 in the Group A, Czech male players will still play the quaterfinals at 4.00 p.m. with Russians on Monday. Czechs needed just one point for progress in main groups, which Petr Korbel made quite easy with Wang Zengyi (3:2). Top favorits from Germany won against Greece smoothly 3:0 and still have not lose any set. ...more
13.9.2010 14:08 | Redakce | 1736x
It was our obligation to win this match over Lucembourg, agreed Czech team about the victory for advancing in to the competition for the top 9th-16th place. Even though, they managed to survive within the elite group, still didnt get over the lost to fight for medals. ...more
13.9.2010 13:49 | Redakce | 820x
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