International Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport (OSR) is located 25km from the city centre. It is the biggest regional airport in the Czech Republic with a capacity of more than one million passengers per year and a runway 3500 m in length and 63 m wide.

The airport caters to both domestic and international flights (including regular lines to Prague and Vienna), scheduled and chartered, and is equipped to handle the administration of airfreight, including warehousing capacities. It has passenger 1+1 terminals and a new, bigger departure hall built in 2006. Right next to the airport there is a business and commercial free zone.

The airport is easily accessible and in 2009, a railway connection will be completed from the centre of Ostrava to the airport and neighbouring industrial zone.

Ostrava Airport
Address  Letiště Ostrava, č. p. 401
 742 51 Mošnov
Information for travellers  +420 597 471 136 email
Other services  +420 597 471 315 email
Lost and found lugguage  +420 597 471 135  email

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